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Sold in over 30 countries, Bussola shoes put emphasis on the use of quality materials and balancing the use of traditional craft techniques with modern shoemaking technology. This philosophy allows them to make tall boots and ankle boots that are durable, lightweight, and still incredibly stylish.
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BUSSOLA Teal Bussola Teal $184.99
BUSSOLA BUSSOLA WILLOW Bussola Bussola Willow $124.99
BUSSOLA Bussola Tamra Bussola Bussola Tamra $114.99
BUSSOLA Summit Bussola Summit $124.99
BUSSOLA Ramona Bussola Ramona $139.99
BUSSOLA Alessia Bussola Alessia $174.99
BUSSOLA Sonora Bussola Sonora $169.99
BUSSOLA Cloud Bussola Cloud $94.99
BUSSOLA Frida Bussola Frida $98.99
BUSSOLA Peggy Bussola Peggy $114.99
BUSSOLA Maggie Bussola Maggie $134.99
BUSSOLA Berna Bussola Berna $119.99
BUSSOLA Kolding Keisha Hiking Booties Bussola Kolding Keisha Hiking Booties $119.99
BUSSOLA Formentera Cork Wedge Sandal Bussola Formentera Cork Wedge Sandal $99.99
Sort By: |  Name: (A-Z) |  Name: (Z-A) |  Price: Low to High |  Price: High to Low
| All 96 48 24 Items