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A brand made by Fortune Dynamic, Soda strives to keep women ahead of the latest fashion trends each season. Cute styles and affordable prices allow you to make the most of your favorite outfit. Find the perfect pair of Soda shoes at the Shoe Gallery!
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SODA Peyton Soda Peyton $36.99
SODA Tarpon Soda Tarpon $36.99
SODA Call Me Soda Call Me $36.99
SODA Aran Soda Aran $29.99
SODA Balboa Combat Heeled Booties Soda Balboa Combat Heeled Booties $39.99
SODA Casino Soda Casino $29.99
SODA Vanita Soda Vanita $24.99
SODA Jamal Laser Cut Bootie Soda Jamal Laser Cut Bootie $29.99
SODA Best-S Slip On Sneaker Soda Best- S Slip On Sneaker $29.99
SODA Kind-S Gladiator Soda Kind- S Gladiator $29.99
SODA Soho-S Slip On Sneaker Soda Soho- S Slip On Sneaker $29.99
SODA Irene-S Soda Irene- S $24.99
SODA Maying-S Soda Maying- S $24.99
SODA Doric-S Soda Doric- S $39.99
SODA Bio-S Riding Boot Soda Bio- S Riding Boot $39.99
SODA Chronos-S Soda Chronos- S $39.99
SODA Zion Soda Zion $39.99
SODA Scribe Soda Scribe $39.99
SODA Mug-S Soda Mug- S $40.00 $29.99
SODA Online-H Wedge Sandal Soda Online- H Wedge Sandal $29.99
SODA Milene Soda Milene $29.99
Sale SODA BOGOTA Soda Bogota $36.00 $24.99
Sort By: |  Name: (A-Z) |  Name: (Z-A) |  Price: Low to High |  Price: High to Low
| All 96 48 24 Items