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Mai Apparel Blessing Bracelet

style # OBB


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The idea behind the Blessing Bracelets is to be a constant reminder that life is so much more rewarding when you focus on what is good in your life, rather than on what is lacking. On each Blessing Bracelet are four Pearls, each one representing something in life you should be grateful for. Every time you wear it, think about what you may be grateful for – good friends, family, your home, health…. Each Blessing Bracelet is made with four metal tubes over an extra strong elastic cord, so it can slip on and off easily. The curve on the tubes gives the Blessing Bracelet delightful movement, while allowing it to contour to the shape of your wrist. The bracelet is approximately 8” in circumference. This Blessing bracelet features 12 mm white Swarovski crystal beads surrounded by two metal beads. Made in Connecticut.
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